Heidi Voet


White Dwarfs and Supergiants




Dunes at the end of Goede Aardelaan
8670 Koksijde

White Dwarfs and Supergiants

What position do we occupy in our cultural, historical and cosmic environment? The question runs like a leitmotif through the work of Heidi Voet. In playful, monumental installations and performances, she places everyday objects in a new relation to one another. Thus also in White Dwarfs and Supergiants. In the dunes of Koksijde she distributes a large number of coloured, concrete-cast balls. Whoever looks closely can distinguish the beach balls, golf balls or beach volleyballs by the imprint of their seams, textures and materials. You can thus symbolically link each ball to a specific social group in our society - from the golfing businessman to children playing on the beach.

But whoever zooms out and sees this work in its entirety recognises a different constellation. The artist calculated the configuration of the starry sky above Koksijde at the closing hour of Beaufort’s last day - and the placement of the balls reflects the position of these stars. Each ball reveals itself to be a star. The title White Dwarfs and Supergiants also refers to the evolution in the life of two types of stars. The ´White Dwarf´ is a small, very dense older star that is at the end of its life and slowly dying out. The young ´Supergiant´, by contrast, has the greatest luminosity, but burns out most quickly in its brief life. In relation to the immeasurable scale and time dimension of the star system, the visitor comes into contact with his own limitations. As the fossilised remains of a contemporary culture, the concrete balls confront us with the limitations of social structures and point to the place of the individual in a large symbiotic ecosystem.

This work is located in a protected nature area. Please remain on the paths and do not walk out into the dunes.



Dunes at the end of Goede Aardelaan
8670 Koksijde

Close by: 
- Coastal tram stop Oostduinkerke Schipgat

- Bicycle network 
junction 88

- Walking network
junction 57

You can visit a little photo exhibition in the
Duinenhuis Nature Education Centre about this artwork.

Nature Education Centre ‘the Duinenhuis’
(Bettystraat 7, 8670 Koksijde)
From 1 July to 31 August
Mon - Fri: 10h - 12h and 13h30 - 16h30

BE, °1978

The multidisciplinary practice of Heidi Voet is concerned with the place of an individual in contemporary societies, and locating this within cultural, historical and universal narratives.

Informed by her transcultural experience of both residing in Europe and Asia, mass produced objects are remade, copied or crafted, as a way to convey the distribution of cultural legacies, value systems and time. With a humorous and playful approach Heidi Voet builds layered images which expose the properties of today’s material culture, while challenging fixed systems of power embedded within.

Heidi Voet had recent solo exhibitions in Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei (2020); Sint-Lukas gallery Brussels (2018); BANK Shanghai (2015); FLACC Genk (2009). She participated in group exhibitions as PLAY, Kortrijk (2018); How beautiful it is and easily it can be broken, S.M.A.K., Gent (2018); Why not ask again?, 11th Shanghai Biennale, (2016) en Un-Scene, Wiels, Brussel (2008).

This work of art was created thanks to the support of BeTom-Design and Aeros.