Audiotour: Memories of the Forgotten Mother




Different locations


In this narrative audio tour, the Weaving Realities collective invites you on a journey through various historical locations in the city of Ostend. The history of chocolate is brought from under the dust by ancestral stories about cocoa. Together we activate an embodied memory through a process of collective decolonial healing. After all, Europe is the world’s largest consumer of chocolate, Belgium is famous for its ‘finest chocolate’. But do we ask ourselves where this chocolate comes from, while we enjoy its sweet taste?


Two performances a day

  • 10-11am & 8-9pm on 7 August
  • 10-11am & 8-9pm on 8 August

Max 15 ppl each performance


  • Assembly 10min
  • Walk with live performance around 30 min
  • An optional 10 - 15 min to give offering at the end


Main stages for the audio tour

  1.  Behind the Leopold II statue
  2.  At the Leopold II statue
  3.  Beach in front of the pillars

Meeting Point and STAGE 1 : Behind Leopold II Statue at the vase (picture)

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Audiotour is in English.

Over Weaving Realities

Weaving Realities is an artist collective from Amsterdam founded in 2019 by Yuchen Li and Aldo Ramos. Participatory performances and stories are used as vehicles to initiate conversations and build community. Central to their work is the concept of ‘Sentipensar’, or ‘thinking through feeling’: in this way they diversify ways of knowing, going beyond the purely cognitive and extending to the senses, memory and intuition. Ingredients such as cocoa, rice, sugar or spices are part of their palette and are viewed through a decolonial lens. The kitchen is a space for rethinking our own positions. Cooking becomes a form of resistance, eating together an act of healing.

Aldo Ramos is a griot, a traveller-poet, a storyteller and an artist. His practice is directed towards social healing, as reconstitution, reparation and protection of ancestral knowledges. His practice is a service, an action of offering, a giving back to Earth that is shaped by the experience of listening. Yuchen Li is visual / performance artist based in Amsterdam. Reflecting on our hyper-consumerist society, her work focuses on telling stories outside of the dominant narratives, through the politics of food.

Memories of the forgotten mother is part of Cracks & Crumbles of Monokino for Beaufort 21. Discover the full programme here or download the brochure below.

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